Cost Effective Marketing Tips for a Startup

With every startup there should be a solution to an existing problem whether it is a solution to a lack of convenience, improved packaging, function, style or terms of service. Understanding how your new idea manifested in a new product or service solves a problem is crucial to determining your unique selling proposition; and the story that will successfully sell your product or service.

For a start-up business just beginning a marketing/PR program, begin with finding a compelling way to share your story to your primary targeted audience through the Internet and social media. With today’s Google and Facebook algorithms, the focus is on video. To illustrate the power of video,  consider how quickly Facebook Live videos, introduced in 2016 has now outpaced You Tube in the number of views.

Budgets are always a top consideration for new businesses, so work first to capture your startup’s Unique Selling Proposition via video.  Utilize Facebook Live, You Tube and social media to promote, promote, promote the video. Wire news distribution options also allow video to be used as the accompanying media in lieu of a photo.  Secondly, consider the development of a mobile app. In 2017, according to Clutch, a B2B research company, 70% of all startup online traffic will be mobile. App usage  dominates 90% of browser time

Third, use social media ad campaigns and mobile ads. Mobile advertising is a $100 billion dollar industry and for a few years now mobile searches have dominated desktop. Below is a graph representing the meteoric rise of mobile.

For more marketing trends check out this article from Forbes.


About Leslie Allen

Leslie (Maxwell) Allen has over 30 years of providing marketing and PR support for companies coast-to-coast, small to large companies that specialize in three major industries: Automotive Aftermarket, Heavy Duty Aftermarket and Powersports. Over the years, Allen has assisted with copywriting for award winning campaigns, developed marketing and PR campaigns and developed and executed events attended by thousands of people. Wildcat Communications is a cost effective way to build more exposure and increase brand awareness.

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