Sprintex Supercharger Introduces – Sprintex Performance Series (SPS) Blower

Provides Significant Increases in HP and Torque across a Broad Range RPM

Sprintex Performance Series (SPS) Blower – provides significant increases in HP and Torque Across a Broad RPM Range

Oklahoma City, OK… Sprintex superchargers provide bolt-on power and torque for many popular applications including 2012-2015: Jeep JK Wranglers (3.8-V6), Jeep TJ Wranglers, Toyota 86, FRS/ BRZ, Honda Fit, BMW Mini Cooper S, and the newly introduced Dodge Ram 1500, Dodge Challenger and more.  Now Sprintex introduces the Sprintex Performance Series (SPS) Blower that provides even more bolt-on power and torque!

The Sprintex Performance Series (SPS) blower features advanced rotor technology that improves rotor performance and efficiency for a 25% increase in boost over the standard Sprintex blower.  Available for purchase either as an upgrade to existing systems, or as an add-on performance option, the new SPS Blower is proven to increase HP 10-20% over the standard Sprintex system and torque 5 to 15% across a broad RPM range.

The SPS features the same bolt pattern and dimensions as the standard Sprintex blower for ease of installation.  Manufactured under ISO 9001 oversight, the SPS has the same quality materials and finish as the current blower model and will be the basis for the Stage II power packages soon to be introduced in 2016.

For more information about the Sprintex SPS Blower, call 855.591.2778, or visit Sprintex USA.

About Sprintex
Sprintex Limited, formed in 2003, (formerly ATG Automotive Technology Group Limited) is an automotive engineering company based in Perth, Western Australia, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: SIX, formerly ATJ).

Sprintex USA, formed in 2012, is the official USA distributor for Sprintex Limited with distribution and assembly served out of the company’s facility in Oklahoma City, OK.  Oklahoma City serves as the distribution center for markets in the USA and the manufacturing facility for manifold housing assemblies. The company’s premier product is a positive displacement, mechanically driven, twin screw compressor supercharger system designed for late model, gas powered vehicles including Dodge Ram, Challenger, Jeep, BMW Mini Cooper and more.  Developed using twin screw compressor technology, the Sprintex system offers highly efficient power and torque gains across a broad speed range from low to full throttle with minimal toxic emissions (carbon monoxide and dioxide, NOX, hydrocarbons).


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