Content Managment – What you can learn from Tampa Bay’s Notorious Pirate – Gasparilla

I In late January, the residents of Tampa Bay channel their inner pirate and take to the bay and streets in tribute to the notorious pirate, Jose’ Gaspar, nicknamed Gasparilla. As the last known Buccaneer that traveled the Spanish main and Mexico his legacy lives on with the only fully rigged pirate ship and 1/2 […]

Betts Company Announces New Name, Logo

Fresno, Calif. – (February 4, 2013) – After the completion of a strategic branding initiative, Betts Company, formerly Betts Spring Company, announced its new name today. Acknowledging its historic roots of being founded in 1868 by William Michael Betts, Betts Company has adopted a new overall corporate tagline: “Improving the Way Things Move Since 1868.” […]

Casite Launches “Show Me Your Motor Honey” Promotion on Facebook to Celebrate its 90th Anniversary

To celebrate 90 years in business, Casite kicked off its “Show Me Your Motor Honey” Facebook promotion on Friday, February 1. Consumers who visit the company’s Facebook page will have the opportunity to upload a photo of themselves, or a family member, friend, or pet (their Motor Honeys), with their vehicle. Contestants and their friends […]