Boom Mat Introduces 12-1/2” x 24” Damping Material in a New 30 Sheet Pack

Avon Lake, OH (May 7, 2014)…Every vehicle has a unique acoustic signature caused by the combination of engine noise and modifications.  Boom Mat damping material greatly enhances cabin acoustics, reducing vibration and noise that can interfere with a quiet ride and quality stereo performance. Developed primarily to eliminate low frequency noise, Boom Mat damping material […]

Pulstar Pulse Plugs Increase Engine Performance and Fuel Economy

Albuquerque, N.M., – Pulstar Pulse Plugs from Enerpulse, Inc. look like a spark plug on the outside, but a unique capacitor-based circuit inside captures energy normally wasted by spark plugs and generates a spark with five times greater energy or 1,000 times more peak power. In third-party tests at certified labs, and internally at Enerpulse, […]

Do you have a great photo that represents a favorite road trip or car show experience?

    Everyone remembers times as a kid when you took a vacation and you saw the coolest, unforgettable images that are burned in your memory. Maybe it is the bigger than life size catfish or unusual statues, signs or people while you were travelling down the road. If you captured these with a photo, […]