Boom Mat Damping Material Now Available in 2mm and 4mm (Boom Mat XL)

Avon Lake (November 3, 2015)…Boom Mat, the automotive leader for interior heat and sound control products, offers a premium peel and stick Damping material that greatly reduces unwanted vehicle interior noise. Boom Mat’s original damping material has been used for years to improve cabin acoustics. Now Boom Mat has introduced a new and improved 2mm […]

Boom Mat Introduces 12-1/2” x 24” Damping Material in a New 30 Sheet Pack

Avon Lake, OH (May 7, 2014)…Every vehicle has a unique acoustic signature caused by the combination of engine noise and modifications.  Boom Mat damping material greatly enhances cabin acoustics, reducing vibration and noise that can interfere with a quiet ride and quality stereo performance. Developed primarily to eliminate low frequency noise, Boom Mat damping material […]

What Makes a Good Promotion?

There are many promotions that fall flat. Is there buy-in by everyone involved? Did all  have input?  What seems like an incentive to you may actually prove to be lukewarm to the person that is the focus of the promotion. For example, many promotions are focused on providing an incentive to the counterman.  While it […]

Betts Company Announces New Name, Logo

Fresno, Calif. – (February 4, 2013) – After the completion of a strategic branding initiative, Betts Company, formerly Betts Spring Company, announced its new name today. Acknowledging its historic roots of being founded in 1868 by William Michael Betts, Betts Company has adopted a new overall corporate tagline: “Improving the Way Things Move Since 1868.” […]