Sprintex Supercharger Introduces – Sprintex Performance Series (SPS) Blower

Oklahoma City, OK… Sprintex superchargers provide bolt-on power and torque for many popular applications including 2012-2015: Jeep JK Wranglers (3.8-V6), Jeep TJ Wranglers, Toyota 86, FRS/ BRZ, Honda Fit, BMW Mini Cooper S, and the newly introduced Dodge Ram 1500, Dodge Challenger and more.  Now Sprintex introduces the Sprintex Performance Series (SPS) Blower that provides […]

Boom Mat Damping Material Now Available in 2mm and 4mm (Boom Mat XL)

Avon Lake (November 3, 2015)…Boom Mat, the automotive leader for interior heat and sound control products, offers a premium peel and stick Damping material that greatly reduces unwanted vehicle interior noise. Boom Mat’s original damping material has been used for years to improve cabin acoustics. Now Boom Mat has introduced a new and improved 2mm […]

Ny-Trex™ Introduces the Big-Diesel with CryO2 Technology – A Complete Dry Nitrous System that Increases Intercooler Efficiency

(Avon Lake, OH) Leave it to Ny-Trex, the official nitrous system of Diesel Motorsports, and DEI’s CryO2 division to design a diesel nitrous system that not only adds quick horsepower, but also takes advantage of every purge to keep your intercooler cool. The Big-Diesel w/ CryO2, designed for use with any intercooled turbo diesel engine, […]

Boom Mat Introduces 12-1/2” x 24” Damping Material in a New 30 Sheet Pack

Avon Lake, OH (May 7, 2014)…Every vehicle has a unique acoustic signature caused by the combination of engine noise and modifications.  Boom Mat damping material greatly enhances cabin acoustics, reducing vibration and noise that can interfere with a quiet ride and quality stereo performance. Developed primarily to eliminate low frequency noise, Boom Mat damping material […]


July 15, 2013 – Swansea, Mass. – Brenton Productions announced today that its automotive how-to productions, Two Guys Garage and Truck U, will begin airing on Great American Country (GAC) cable network beginning August 24. “Two Guys Garage and Truck U has a cult following of loyal fans that will move with us to our […]

Boom Mat Spray-On – Eliminates Squeaks, Rattles and Vibration

Boom Mat’s Spray-On is an aerosol spray is an easy and quick way to reduce road noise and vibration, add a layer of thermal protection or as an undercoating to protect against damage from rust, rocks, gravel and other debris. This black rubberized polymer compound dries to a textured finish without chips or cracks in […]

DEI Cycle Introduces Titanium Pipe Shield with LR Fiber Technology

Extreme heat can rob power and potentially damage a bike’s engine, hoses, and sensitive electrical components. Now DEI Cycle, a division of DEI Performance Products, has introduced a Titanium Pipe Shield with LR fiber technology that provides maximum heat protection from hot exhausts generated by todays stock and modified bikes, ATVs/UTVs, quads and snowmobiles. The […]

Pulstar Pulse Plugs are Named the Official Plug of the Hot Bike Power Tour

Albuquerque, N.M. – Pulstar® Pulse Plugs from Enerpulse, Inc. have been named the Official Plug of the Hot Bike Power Tour. Designed to provide quicker throttle response and pure power, Pulstar Pulse Plugs are ideal for American V-Twin motorcycles. The first annual Hot Bike Power Tour is a five-day event that starts on August 24 […]

Pulstar Pulse Plugs Increase Engine Performance and Fuel Economy

Albuquerque, N.M., – Pulstar Pulse Plugs from Enerpulse, Inc. look like a spark plug on the outside, but a unique capacitor-based circuit inside captures energy normally wasted by spark plugs and generates a spark with five times greater energy or 1,000 times more peak power. In third-party tests at certified labs, and internally at Enerpulse, […]

(January 31, 2013)  Avon Lake, Ohio…The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge, a scholarship program for high school shop teams, is growing in leaps in bounds in terms of numbers of sponsors, teams and scholarship dollars. Design Engineering (DEI) is proud to announce their sponsorship of this worthwhile program designed to encourage high school teens […]