Best Green Car Stuff

The automotive aftermarket is making great strides in developing green products, though it does trail behind some industries such as construction, think LEEDS, and cleaners.  Here are a few products that were early on the scene.  What are some of the green products that you have tried? Green Earth Oil Enerpulse – Pulstar Plugs E3 […]

Do you have a great photo that represents a favorite road trip or car show experience?

    Everyone remembers times as a kid when you took a vacation and you saw the coolest, unforgettable images that are burned in your memory. Maybe it is the bigger than life size catfish or unusual statues, signs or people while you were travelling down the road. If you captured these with a photo, […]

Blog, Blog, Blog…

  What is your favorite green product? At Wildcat Communications this blog will share the ever growing list of Green products available through the aftermarket, share industry news such as changes in personnel of long existing and new up-and-coming companies, acquisitions and mergers, awards…most anything that will keep the performance market top of mind.