Cost Effective Marketing Tips for a Startup

With every startup there should be a solution to an existing problem whether it is a solution to a lack of convenience, improved packaging, function, style or terms of service. Understanding how your new idea manifested in a new product or service solves a problem is crucial to determining your unique selling proposition; and the […]

Content Managment – What you can learn from Tampa Bay’s Notorious Pirate – Gasparilla

I In late January, the residents of Tampa Bay channel their inner pirate and take to the bay and streets in tribute to the notorious pirate, Jose’ Gaspar, nicknamed Gasparilla. As the last known Buccaneer that traveled the Spanish main and Mexico his legacy lives on with the only fully rigged pirate ship and 1/2 […]

SEMA 2015

After attending the SEMA show for the past twenty years, this may be one show that I will miss. There is so much to take in at the show – the modified cars and trucks, new products, council events, new booths…but what I will mostly miss is connecting with friends that have been developed after […]

Science of Noise

  Automotive Acoustics 101; The Science of Noise Boom Mat’s lesson to have a quieter ride Every vehicle has a unique acoustic signature caused by its engine type, exhaust, tires, build quality and any combination of aftermarket accessories. That signature sound may manifest as excessively loud wind or road noise, squeaks, rattles, engine noise or […]

The CTEK Power USA (Model: MUS 4.3)

  This battery charger and maintainer works with any vehicle.  The MUS 4.3 offers features not found on typical chargers such as a diagnostic test as well as a recondition mode that can restore underperforming batteries. For weekend race cars or other occasional use vehicles the charger can be left in maintenance mode to keep […]

What Makes a Good Promotion?

There are many promotions that fall flat. Is there buy-in by everyone involved? Did all  have input?  What seems like an incentive to you may actually prove to be lukewarm to the person that is the focus of the promotion. For example, many promotions are focused on providing an incentive to the counterman.  While it […]

SEMA Scholarships Are for All Students – Simply Apply

  On the SEMA website there is some great information about how to apply for a  SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund. There is even funds for one student attending Ohio Technical College for a full scholarship.  Here is the information I am sharing direct from The fund  is dedicated to fostering the next generation of […]

Casite Launches “Show Me Your Motor Honey” Promotion on Facebook to Celebrate its 90th Anniversary

To celebrate 90 years in business, Casite kicked off its “Show Me Your Motor Honey” Facebook promotion on Friday, February 1. Consumers who visit the company’s Facebook page will have the opportunity to upload a photo of themselves, or a family member, friend, or pet (their Motor Honeys), with their vehicle. Contestants and their friends […]

Elvis, Bar-b-Que and Classics – Save the date (June 1 – June 7)

Hot Rod Power Tour Takes Swing Through the South                   Ok, these are three of my favorites though not in the same order. Hot Rod Power Tour has announced their 2013 locations and Memphis, TN is on the list as a host of great southern cities.  So […]